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Walking on Wednesdays Website Homepage and Program Description


We meet Wednesdays at the Exedra (the blue vase in front of Piedmont Park) at 10:30 am


“Walking on Wednesdays” (WoW) is a walking group activity sponsored by the Piedmont (California) Recreation Department in which participants walk Piedmont’s streets each week for about ninety minutes. Walks are informal, providing physical and social activity in a casual, nonpartisan environment.

All people are welcome, and walkers participate when they are able to. There are no obligations or fees to participate. Walkers meet every Wednesday at 10:30 AM, rain or shine (but not during lightning storms, which the group has never experienced so far), at the Exedra in the center of Piedmont at Highland and Magnolia Avenues.

New walkers and their friendly K-9 best friends are especially welcome. Registration with the Piedmont Recreation Department is required at Contact the Piedmont Recreation Department at (510) 420-3070 and, or Dick Carter at for more information.


WoW participants have enjoyed and benefited from the group’s walks. This website provides information on the group’s past walks, and often the histories associated with them. It is hoped that Walking on Wednesdays will continue indefinitely for the benefit of participants, and this website will facilitate the planning and enjoyment of future walks by whoever leads and participates in them.

You can click on a past walk below or read at all of them here.

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