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A Beautiful View from the Top

Patience has its rewards and the Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group experienced this last Wednesday, October 2. The previous few weeks the group had postponed a walk to Bell Avenue because of both overcast and then very hot weather. But last Wednesday was a perfect day. A total of 23 walkers and three of their K-9 best friends were ready for the climb up to Bell to see its view. The group was greeted at the Exedra by Police Officer George Tucker, the department's motor- cycle officer, and Reserve Officer Jason Germano. Once a month two members of the police department informs the Wednesday Walkers on the department's activities, and to answer questions.

The walkers headed up Highland Avenue to Mountain Avenue and up Bellevue Avenue, one of Piedmont's beautiful streets that gets very little traffic. On Bellevue the walkers saw one home undergoing a remodel, fairly typical Piedmont home updating, but a little further up the street they were surprised to see a home that had been taken down to it studs and was being rebuilt. The walkers will return in 2020 to see the results.

At the top of Bellevue the group walked a short distance up Hagar Avenue which took them to their Bell Avenue destination.

The view of the Bay from Bell did not disappoint, and the entire group stopped for another photo. Bell is a short street that ends at Scenic Avenue which winds its way along the rim above Moraga Avenue and Coaches Field. The group found and walked down a steep, 163 foot, set of stairs steps that took them to lower portions of Scenic. Along Scenic the walkers also enjoyed another wonderful view.

From there it was on to Pacific Avenue and Craig Avenue past the historic home of Hugh Craig, Piedmont's first mayor, then on to Mountain Avenue, and back to the walkers' Exedra starting point. It had been a walk of about ninety minutes and two plus miles of beautiful streets, homes, and views on a lovely day with friends.


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