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A slice of Piedmont

Once again our Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group had good weather this week for our weekly walk. It seems it never rains in Piedmont on Wednesdays, and there was a good turnout of 30 walkers on hand at the Exedra. Besides the weather there was another good reason for the walkers to be there. It was the group's annual walk to have a holiday lunch at Zachary's restaurant on Grand Avenue. Walking on Wednesdays has national and international participants. The group was pleased to have all of them back for this special walk. Mike H and Melba Y were filling in for me as the walk leaders, as I have been recovering from a medical procedure. Mike had called Zachary's and they were ready for an invasion of walkers at about 11:45. The group headed out with visions of pizza in their heads, taking a fairly direct route down Magnolia Avenue to Wildwood Avenue, and then crossing Grand Avenue by the Shell Station. However, they had time to go up Jean Street to the Morcom Rose Garden and see its winter roses. Volunteers were doing their regular Wednesday gardening, and they told the walkers about the work they do to maintain the garden and its beauty. The attached group photo of the walkers was taken on the main walkway in the center of the garden. After enjoying the roses the walkers retraced their steps back to Grand and took a short walk down the street to Zachary's. They were right on time, arriving at just about 11:45, before the lunch rush. Those who weren't going to have lunch headed back to town center. There is no outside seating at the restaurant, and no K-9 best friends are allowed, so Sasha and Jane Holland made their way home. As the group was getting settled, they were surprised that I had come in to join them. I am on the mend and was hungry for some pizza too. After some great lunch conversations (see the other attached photo), and lots of pizza, the walkers exited the restaurant and started back up Wildwood for the return to the town center. It was a very satisfying morning and early afternoon in more ways than one. And the group could walk off their pizza with clear consciences. Next week Harriette L will lead our walk. Her plan is to take the group up Mountain Avenue to see the views of San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay from Bellevue, Pacific, Hagar, Blair, and the Alta/Scenic loop. Chances are good that the weather will be good again for us lucky walkers. Hope everyone's holidays are great!

Best, Dick


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