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A Walk of the Wild

Our Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group finished off our 2022 walks this Wednesday with an almost blemished record of walks without rain. We never really had to test the front half of our "we walk rain or shine" mantra. In fact, there was only one walk in October, while we were at Hampton Park, that we were caught in a brief shower. It was just enough to get our jackets a little wet, but the dampness pretty was much gone by the end of our walk.

This last 2022 Wednesday was a continuation of our weather good fortune. It had rained the day before, and was forecast to rain again on Thursday, but this day was to be clear, cool, and beautiful. It was another wonderful day to meet at the Exedra and walk with friends. There was a great holiday week turnout of 40 walkers and two K-9 best friends on hand to take advantage of

the sunshine, get outdoors, and work off our holiday meals. And thanks to Harriette L work we did.

Harriette led the walkers in Dick Carter's absence and she had a great route and hike planned. She took the group on an uphill hike with gradual elevation beginning on Highland Avenue, going to Sheridan Avenue, and then continuing to climb steadily up Caperton Avenue to Mountain Avenue. Before ascending Bellevue Avenue, the walkers stopped to greet an old friend, the giant redwood tree in the middle of the street, and took a picture with it. The group continued their walk and explored Pacific, Hagar, Mountain, Blair, Alta and Scenic Avenues, enjoying the views of Oakland, San Francisco, and the Bay as they did.

At 37 Bellevue, the walkers admired the home's expansive grounds. It was there that Sherry J recounted the past glory of Piedmont High's bird-calling contests and a reunion party years later at this home where the contest winners reprised their winning birdcalls. Later, the group could not walk past 575 Blair and without taking a photo and recalling that this was the house where Jack London lived while he wrote his famous Call of the Wild. At Blair, the group descended downhill to Highland and back to the Exedra, concluding a satisfying 2.3 mile hike on another beautiful, lucky weather morning with Walking on Wednesdays friends. It was a great way to

end our 2022 Wednesday walks.


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