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Bellevue and King

The beautiful fall weather enticed a new record number of twenty-five walkers to come out this week for our Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays weekly walk. It was by far the largest number of walkers ever participating in a Wednesday walk and was bolstered by five first-time walkers. It was great to have them with us. Additionally, four K-9 best friends joined in to make such a large procession that we joked that the group almost needed a parade permit.

Nadine G and Reba D had learned about Walking on Wednesdays last Monday at the first meeting of the Recreation Department's new "First Mondays Reading Group," and decided to come and join our walking group. By the way, we had a great first reading group meeting. Priscilla W and

Carol L are leading it. If you are interested in participating, please contact them.

As you know, we have an informal objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont. It is getting harder to find new, readily accessible streets because we have covered a lot of ground and streets since we started last April. However, Priscilla has been tracking the walked streets on a map of Piedmont, and the map was helpful to see streets, or at least parts of streets, where we haven't gone. Two beautiful, not-visited streets were Bellevue Avenue and the upper part of King Avenue. We made them our destinations on a route that took us from our Exedra starting point on Highland to Sheridan to Lincoln to King, and then on to Farragut to Sea View to Mountain to Bellevue, and then back to the Exedra via Pacific to Dormidera to Mountain to Highland. We covered many beautiful streets on a beautiful day. Along the way, we also shared knowledge and memories of some of the homes we passed. The walk lasted about 90 minutes and covered a

little over two miles. On King we stopped for a group photo in front of a lovely home where one of my Piedmont classmates once lived.


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