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Coaches Field

We had an excellent turnout today of sixteen Walking on Wednesdays walkers and three of our K-9 best friends for a very enjoyable walk on a beautiful day to Coaches Field. Many of us had memories of our children using the field that we shared with each other. It was also great that we had first time walker Noemi Alvarado join our group.

Our idea was originally to see the old 1890's Blair Park area in a recent Piedmont Post article informed me that much of that park area ended at Highland Avenue. The Piedmont Historical Society is going to have another article on the Post next week (look for it) which will provide more information on the old and new Blair Parks, and we may revisit the sites of these parks later.

Attached is a photo of today's walkers. Not pictured is Mary Carter, who took the picture. I wanted Mary in the picture as she is going back to teach at Wildwood School next week, and she won't be able to be with us during the school year. Thanks to Mary for the thoughts and information that she provided on our walks this summer.

As we walked there were comments that members of the group are enjoying the extra activity and exercise, but also that we are developing a nice camaraderie and community with new friends. This is certainly the case for me. Thanks to all of you for joining Walking on Wednesdays. I think we are developing something special that can have a long life. I hope so!

We are always open to suggestions on where to walk, but I had an idea for next Wednesday that I wanted to offer. Next Wednesday will be the last Wednesday that we can walk through the Piedmont school campuses before school starts. I thought we might have a "Back to Schools" walk and visit Piedmont High, Millennium High, Piedmont Middle School (all close together) and continue on down to Wildwood School and then back up to Havens School to finish near the Exedra. I know many of us have thoughts and memories of these schools that we can share.


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