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Davie Stadium

The Recreation Department's new "Walking on Wednesdays" walking group had an enjoyable walk to the Davie Tennis Stadium last Wednesday. Priscilla W suggested the Davie Stadium walk and a total of twenty people participated. New recruits included City Council Member, Jen Cavanaugh, who had this to say, "Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the camaraderie, and learning the history of Oakland's Davie Stadium in Piedmont. Great group of neighbors turned out and they seem ready to come back next week. Nicely done." A photo of the group inside the historic Davie Stadium clubhouse by activity leader Andrew Wendel is attached.

As usual, this week the group will meet on Wednesday at the Exedra at 10:30 AM. They will walk to Crocker Park, the beautiful Piedmont park that is home of noted sculptor Beniamino "Benny" Bufano's Bear and Her Two Cubs granite sculpture. Everyone is invited to join the group and enjoy some physical activity along with the opportunity to meet with new and old friends.


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