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Hall Fenway Walk

Last Wednesday, the Piedmon

t Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group made a last-minute change to their destination that turned out to be a great decision.

A walk to the streets north of Oakland Avenue, south of Moraga Avenue, and east of Grand had been discussed. and it would have enabled the walkers to visit a few more of the remaining Piedmont streets they have not walked. But with daffodils starting to pop up in parks and gardens around town, they headed to the Hall Fenway that runs between Crocker and Wildwood Avenues to see some brightly colored daffodils.

Though cool and cloudy, the weather was not a deterrent, and a large group of 24 walkers and three K-9 best friends took advantage of a morning without rain. The group was happy to welcome two new walkers and two guest appearance walkers.

On the way to the Fenway the walkers enjoyed seeing yellow daffodils in the City smaller gardens along Highland Avenue. They also passed and admired many homes with lovely landscaping where gardens were starting to emerge from winter with all kinds of beautiful flowers.

The Hall Fenway is especially pretty this time of year with its large number of pop- ping daffodils, so that was the designated location for a group photo. The walkers then continued across the street to Crocker Park, which had its own wonderful trees and flowers, especially the large tulip trees and magnolias.

After leaving the park, the group walked down King Avenue past more lovely gardens to the home of Dan Levin. The group had visited with him on a walk in September, marveling at his front garden, which is filled with exotic plants. The walkers then circled back up Sea View and then down Lincoln Avenue for the return trip to the Exedra.

Piedmont streets always offer something different across the seasons, so they are always "new" for the walkers in enjoy able ways


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