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Key System Walk

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group got back into its routine on January 9 with most of its participants back in town after the holidays. Thirteen walkers and two

K-9 best friends assembled at the group's usual Exedra starting point on a cloudy morning.

The group has an informal objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont. Since they

started in April last year, they have visited the vast majority of streets in town.

The walkers started off on Highland Avenue, took a right at the Oakland Avenue stop light, went up one block to Hardwick Avenue, walked up and down the short Langdon Ct., took a left on Blair Avenue, crossed Highland, went on to Bonita, Moraga and Monticello Avenues, with a brief detour to Arroyo Avenue.

At Arroyo, Charlene Louie shared with the group a bit of Piedmont history. The electric Transbay Key System was extended into Piedmont in 1924 from the Piedmont Station at 41st St. and Pied.

mont Avenue. The route went along Arroyo and Ramona Avenues and into Central Piedmont. The location of the tracks is evident because mid-century modern homes were built in the late 1950's on what were the tracks when the Key System shut down.

The walkers then continued on to Ramona, Estrella, and Bonita Avenues, and back to Blair and

Highland for the return to the Exedra. The group had not been on Hardwick, Langdon and Estrella on earlier walks, so thee walkers were able to cross off a few more Piedmont streets on their tracking map.


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