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La Salle Tulip Walk

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group had been talking about walking to Sunnyside Avenue last Wednesday, but there was nothing sunny about the day. Showers were forecast for the second week in a row, and at 10:15 a.m. when the walkers were heading to the Exedra, their starting point, the rain started to come down in buckets.

True to their motto of "we walk, rain or shine". the group of eight walkers didn't mind getting a little wet. Instead of a long, not so sunny walk to the intended Sunnyside Avenue, the walkers felt a shorter walk closer to home would be prudent on this rainy morning.

It was noted that there was a lovely tulip garden on La Salle Avenue, so off to LaSalle they headed with umbrellas up in search of tulips. They happily side-stepped and hopped puddles. Noemi Alvarado commented that Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds could have been part of the group because they were "singing in the rain'.

The group went down High- land Avenue to Sheridan Avenue, and then up Wildwood Avenue to the Hall Fenway. The group exited the Fenway on to Crocker Avenue and continued down to Lafayette Avenue. They shared information about homes they knew as they walked on La Salle and on to Sea View Avenue, where they came upon a truly striking tulip garden in the front of a lovely home.

The rain had started up again, convincing the walkers that it was time to head back to the Exedra. It was over a two-mile walk. There might have been a little bit of Tulip Mania going on, but all agreed it was enjoyable being together for some exercise and a lot of good conversation; the rain was secondary.


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