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Maxwelton Walk

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group activity began one year ago, April 18, 2018. Since then a group of rotating walking walkers has walked nearly all Piedmont streets, rain or shine, every week.

An early goal was to walk every street in Piedmont, and after 51 weeks the group largely has accomplished this goal. However, the group also said it would only walk streets that were safe to get to. The tucked away street of Maxwelton Rd., off of Moraga Ave., and the streets that branch off of Maxwelton, had not been selected as destinations because there are no sidewalks.

Determined to walk the streets above Coaches Field, they carpooled last Wednesday Nancy Olsen, who attended Piedmont High in the 60s and whose father taught French at the high school, joined the group last week.

A group of 15 walkers and two K-9 best friends car pooled to Hill- top Crescent, a level street in Oakland at the top of Maxwelton and with ample parking.

The view of San Francisco from the top of Maxwelton on this clear day was spectacular. A charming, cedar shingle and stone home at this spot constantly has this view.

Mike Henn was on the Piedmont Planning Commission when a number of the new homes on Maxwelton were proposed and built, so he was able to provide some background information. Nellie Lane is the first short street that branches off of Maxwelton. As the walkers started down Nellie they were surprised by a modern, glass and wood home built down the hill. The home is lovely, and the group marveled that such an impressive, large home could be built down such a steep hill, and also up Maxwelton's narrow access.

On an empty lot there were building markers that appear to be defining the elevations for a proposed, new home. The walkers felt the construction of this home would also be challenging, but the end result probably similarly impressive.

Abbott Way was the next side street to explore. The walkers saw Spring Trail that goes down to Red Rock Road and the city's Corporation Yard, and Coaches Field. There are wonderful homes on Abbott, and on its cul-de-sac there is a sweeping view of the Bay.

One last side street was Echo Lane. It and all the streets had spring flowers in full bloom.

After walking downhill, they turned around and walk back to the top to retrieve their cars. It had been a beautiful day. The drive over to the Maxwelton neighborhood had been easy and worthwhile.


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