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No Walk Walk

No Walking on this Wednesday

Our Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group was going to be led on a special tour last Wednesday by Piedmont architect and planner Will Adams. Will was going to point out a number of good, better, and best architectural, landscape architectural, and urban design features on streets in the central part of Piedmont.

However, the air quality reading was at an unhealthy level that morning, and we had a first. We didn't walk. The group has walked every Wednesday for the last five and a half years, even on Christmas and New Year's, but not last Wednesday. Our mantra has always been, "We walk rain or shine (but not in thunder storms which hardly ever happen in Piedmont)." Now, it has to be modified to include not walking on bad air quality days.

An email cancelling the walk went out Wednesday morning when the poor air quality was recognized. However, 14 walkers were at the Exedra at our normal 10:30 AM start time and the situation was communicated. Out of habit, we took a group photo in front of the Exedra.

There was disappointment about not walking, but the good news was that Will Adams would be able to lead the walking tour the next Wednesday. So it was rescheduled for then when the air will have hopefully cleared.


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