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Original Blair Park

We started out on our Walking on Wednesdays walk yesterday with a recent article in the Post on the old Blair Park in hand. The article explains that the Blair Park of the 1890s through the 1920s is a different Blair Park from the one we know today up Moraga Avenue. The old Blair Park was a large track of land at the end of our current Highland Avenue and extended east and west, up and down Moraga Avenue from what is now the City Construction Yard to the Mountain View Cemetery. In 1917 homes started to be built on portions of the old park. It was this area and these homes that that we set out to see. We stopped in front of the home at Highland and Moraga Avenues for a group photo with eucalyptus trees from Blair Park times in the background. We continued down Moraga Avenue seeing homes on the north side of Moraga that were part of the development of Blair Park land. We also saw aspects of homes along the way that we have all driven by possibly thousands of times, but never noticed. Walking does have some advantages over driving. Attached is another photo of the archway in front of a Moraga Avenue home with a lovely garden, fountain, and view of Oakland and San Francisco. We circled back to the Exedra walking through Dracena Park and saw its recently installed new turf.


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