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Park Bouelvard or Bust

This Wednesday was forecast to be a cool day, but that didn't hold back our Piedmont Recreation Department sponsored Walking on Wednesdays group from showing up for our weekly walk. Twenty three walkers and three K9 best friends turned out for what actually became a warm day that had many of us sheading the extra layers of clothes we were wearing. As we assembled, the

group was especially pleased to welcome first time walker Cynthia B. Cynthia had read about us in the Piedmont Post and decided to be part of our group. We're delighted she did.

The morning started with good conversations while everyone assembled. Claudia L got the group in the gift giving spirit with a bag of persimmons from her tree, and then we got down to discussing alternative destinations and routes for the day. It may have been that we missed our

walk last Wednesday to attend the Piedmont Police Department's sponsored "Seniors Frauds and Scams", or that we were just ready for a long walk with many new streets, but for whatever good reason we decided to make Corpus Christi Church the day's destination. As you know, we have an informal objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont and the day's route offered the opportunity to checkoff a number streets that we had not walked before.

It was a little longer than usual walk, with some of the additional streets, but it was a lovely day for a walk and social interaction. We headed to Hampton Rd. and then on to the full length of St. James Dr. which took us to Corpus Christi where we stopped for the attached group photo.

Inspired by how close we were to more unwalked streets, we headed up Park Blvd. to Estates Drive and down Inverleith Terrace to Hampton Avenue, and the walk back to the center of town. We decided to take a side trek through Lexford Rd. where we came upon a unique and beautiful home that Nancy D knew was designed by noted early twentieth center architect Carr Jones. By chance, the current owner was loading his car and asked if we had any questions. Erich Tupper told the group about the house and its construction. See the attached photo. He, his wife, Shelby, and her family have been long time residents of the home. After a fun conversation, we continued on our way back to the Exedra. It was a longer walk than usual, totaling over three miles, but much was seen and many good conversations were had.


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