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Press Announcement for Immediate Release - April 9, 2018

Piedmont Recreation Department Announces

Historical Piedmont Tour as Part of

First “Walking On Wednesdays” Walking Group Activity

Piedmont, CA – The Piedmont Recreation Department announced that as a special feature of its first “Walking on Wednesdays” walking group activity Gail Lombardi, president of the Piedmont Historical Society, will conduct a walking tour of the city, identifying historical Piedmont sites, homes, and buildings. April 18th is also the 112th anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake and Lombardi will speak to its effect on the development of Piedmont.

“Walking on Wednesdays” is a new, informal, weekly Recreation Department activity for anyone and everyone who enjoys casual walks in and around Piedmont. The first walk, rain or shine, will be on Wednesday, April 18th, starting at the Exedra Arch at Highland and Magnolia Avenues in Piedmont, at 10:30 AM. This and future weekly walks will last about an hour.

In announcing this new activity Sara Lillevand, the Director of the Piedmont Recreation Department explained, “The Piedmont Recreation Department provides a broad range of activities, but the majority of them are for our youth. We want to provide those fifty and older, and retirees, with additional daytime opportunities for physical activity and social engagement. ‘Walking on Wednesdays’ is intended to be the first with more to come. Gail Lombardi has a wonderful knowledge of Piedmont’s history and her tour will be a special way to kick off the ‘Walking on Wednesdays’ activity.”


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