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Scenic View Walk

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group keeps growing and enjoying visits by special quests. On September 11 the group welcomed two new participants. Sara brought her husband, Marvin, and Melba had neighbor Judith join her for the day's walk. Additionally, Traude was visiting her children in Piedmont and her one-week old granddaughter. She heard about the group and came to walk with them.

Sergeants Nicole and Catherine of the Piedmont Police Department stopped by to give the group an update on some PPD activities. The anniversary of 9/11 was noted and appreciation was voiced for the public service of those who protect our communities. Kenya, the manager for the City's KCOM television station, came with the sergeants and wanted to know more about the group, and possibly help it spread the word about the activity.

For the day, it was a large group of 31 walkers, three Piedmont city staff, and three K-9 best friends.

It was a sunny, clear morning and it was suggested that the views of San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay would be beautiful from some of Piedmont's higher elevation streets. Scenic and Bell Avenues have great views and the group could also walk Mesa and Monte Avenues, and other streets just above Highland Avenue, on the way.

Shortly after10:30 a.m., off went the long parade of walkers, first down Highland to Pala Avenue, up to Mesa and over to Moraga Avenue, and then back Monte. The chosen destination was the set of stairs that goes from Park Way and Pala up to Scenic. However, Penny Harris said the group was going to pass her house and she wanted to show them her recently reworked backyard.

Free tomatoes were offered as an incentive. The group happily agreed and enjoyed a tour of Penny's yard. After they left Penny's yard the group walked a short distance to the steps and started the 161-foot climb to Scenic Avenue.

The temperature was starting to rise and walker Dara said her house was just a short distance further up Scenic. She invited the group to come in and have a glass of water. Just before reaching Dara's house the group stopped for another group photo with a wonderful view in the background.

Everyone appreciated Dara's hospitality, and the great view from her balcony.

The stops had made the day go by quickly and the scheduled 90-minute walk was largely consumed by then, so they decided to head back down Scenic to the Exedra, via Pacific and Mountain Avenues. They hadn't gone to their final Bell Avenue destination, but it would wait for another day.


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