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"Seniors Financial Exploitation"

As you know, our Walking on Wednesdays walking group had a special invitation from our Piedmont Recreation Department sponsor and the Piedmont Police Department to attend a "Seniors Financial Exploitation" presentation yesterday at the Piedmont Community Hall, which was conducted by the Alameda County's District Attorney's office. The presentation started at 10 AM, and overlapped our usual Wednesday 10:30 morning walking time, but we felt this was a worthwhile event for us to attend and we did.

The community turnout was excellent with over fifty people and about a dozen Wednesday Walkers in attendance. Recreation Department staff had to bring out additional tables and chairs for the larger than anticipated audience. We walkers were in good company with many members of the Recreation Department's Piedmont Seniors group and Piedmont City Council members Jen

Cavenaugh and Betsy Anderson also in attendance.

Cheryl Poncini from the County led an interactive discussion, and engaged the audience with a contest that pitted the different tables in a contest to see which one could answer a set of questions on fraud and scams most correctly.

The presentation was scheduled to last until 11:30, and the plan was for us to take a short walk after it was completed, but the session had lots of information and went longer than planned. It finished up close to our usual noon ending time, so we decided to postpone the day's walk, and get back on our regular walking schedule next Wednesday.


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