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St James Walk

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group went for several months with no rain, but the walks in recent weeks test- ed the group's "we walk rain or shine" ' resolve. Weather was not an issue last Wednesday. The pleasant weather helped draw a crowd of 16 walkers and two K-9 best friends.

The group was pleased to welcome three first-time walkers, The Wednesday Walkers have found that the weekly activity pro- vides an opportunity to connect with neighbors. Two of the new walkers discovered that they had worked for local hospitals, Evelyn with Kaiser and Heidi with Highland. Additionally, Lee discovered that he was at Cal during the turbulent 70s and at the same time as Walking on Wednesdays organizer Dick Carter.

With clear skies, the walkers were ready for a longer walk, so they headed for Wyngaard Avenue on the far east side of Piedmont, and a walk that had some elevation.

The walkers have always en- joyed finding hidden stairways in the city, and they discovered a set of stairs on St. James Drive that connects with Wyngaard, providing a shortcut and reducing some of the uphill climb. Leaving the Exedra in the middle of town, they walked to Wildwood, Crocker, and Hampton Avenues, then on to the long and winding St. James Drive. The group finally came to a set of stairs that was surprisingly short took them up to Cambrian Avenue.

The walkers continued up to Sandringham Avenue, and then to Wyngaard, where they enjoyed a clear, beautiful view of San Francisco. They also ad- mired the lovely homes, some with unique architecture, including one with a beautiful slate roof, where they stopped for a group photo.

Walking back down Wyngaard, they discovered, at its foot, another set of stairs that went farther down the hill. The stairs were divided into initial sets of easily walked stairs with tile decorated landing. As the walkers continued down the stairs, they grew steeper and then much steeper. There were no landings and the concrete rail was low and not of much help. Eventually, everyone got back to St. James Drive unscathed.

Once back on St. James, the walkers made their way directly back to the center of town. In total. the walk had been more than three miles and slightly longer than their usual 90-minute walk.


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