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Talk and Trot

Where in the world was the Piedmont Recreation Department’s Walking on Wednesdays group at 10:30 AM on Thanksgiving Eve? Where else but at the Exedra. They were there for their weekly walk and also annual walk of the Piedmont Turkey Trot route, and to do it before anyone else.

The group gathered in the sun next to the Exedra. It was a cool, clear morning that warmed up to mid-60s later. Dick Carter, who usually leads the weekly walks, was away, so Priscilla W and Mike H led the group on the 5K route. Priscilla gave a nice welcome and introduction. The walkers were questioned on how many years this Turkey Trot tradition had been enjoyed, and Lois P correctly answered this year’s trot is Piedmont’s 21st.

Surprisingly, the Turkey Trot banner was not at the race finish line. But a group picture was taken right there at the start of the day, to make sure everyone got in the picture, and credit for being the first to finish the course. Aaron K’s son Charles also brought a copy of the Piedmont Post to make sure the walkers were on top of the local news.


The walkers agreed they would do the entire Turkey Trot 5K route. They got a fast start, going up Highland Avenue, left on Wildwood, right on Crocker, right on Lafayette, left on La Salle, left on Hampton, right on Sea View, left on Mountain, right on Craig, left on Highland, right on Vista, left on Hillside, and finally left on Magnolia, past the high school, for a final push back to the finish line at the Exedra.

There were some leaders of the group, but the walkers did get spread out quite a bit. Mike H was near the back of the pack most of the time so he didn't see how the front people fared. No individual times were recorded, but there was no doubt all the walkers were winners. It was also agreed that the walk went well, the group had fun, and the Wednesday walkers will be back again next Thanksgiving Eve to be the first finishers of the Piedmont Turkey Trot.


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