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Our Piedmont Recreation Department Walking on Wednesdays group set a record this week for the largest number of participating walkers in its almost six month history. Seventeen walkers and a K-9 best friend enjoyed a beautiful day, some good exercise, and happy social interaction on an hour and a half walk that explored some of Piedmont's less traveled streets. We were especially pleased to welcome first-time walker Rochelle W, and Rochelle said she was happy to meet so many new friends.

As you know, we have an informal objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont and last Wednesday's walk checked off many new ones for us. We have enjoyed going to streets that are tucked-away and less visible, so Littlewood Drive was set as a destination last week. To get to

Littlewood we walked up Highland, Sierra, Sheridan, Richardson, Lake View, Poplar Way, Mountain, and Dudley, and then back down Blair, Hagar, Dormidera, Mountain, Piedmont Court, and Highland to get back to our Exedra starting point. We also used the pathway between Mountain and Piedmont\ Court to add one more pathway to the list of Piedmont pathways that we have recently visited. Along the way, the views of Oakland, Lake Merritt, San Francisco, and the Bay were spectacular on the clear day. Charlene Louie took the attached photo of a view we enjoyed.

As usual, we encountered people who wanted to know who we were. Most have read about Walking on Wednesdays in the Post, and they were not surprised to learn that we were the "Wednesday Walkers." Littlewood resident Sara L was coming out of her home as we passed by. She was happy to tell us about the neighborhood and kindly offered to take the attached group photo in front of her home.

At the end of Littlewood Drive we took a short walk up a private street and encountered a London telephone booth where Angelica, Helen , Marion, Charlene , and Melba wanted to see how many

walkers could fit inside of it, and also make calls from their cell phones. See attached photo. We also met Rodney, our friendly Piedmont UPS delivery person, who took the also attached photo of us. It was another enjoyable walk on a beautiful Piedmont day that included talking with friends and meeting new ones.


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