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Wildwood Gardens

The Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays made August a bit of a Piedmont history month for the walking group.

After visits earlier in the month to the streets that were the entrances and sites of the old 1890's Blair Park and the later Piedmont Park, the group last week toured the historical Wildwood Gardens neighborhood.

Gail Lombardi of the Piedmont Historical Society had informed the group that Wildwood Gardens was the site of the gardens of "Wildwood." the estate of early Piedmont developer Frank C. Havens. Walking on Wednesdays walkers stopped to see 101 Wildwood Gardens, originally

the Havens home.

It is one of only three houses in Piedmont designed by noted architect Bernard Maybeck.

The walkers also enjoyed seeing the other, lovely, and unique homes that comprise the neighborhood. After walking the entire Wildwood Gardens loop, the group emerged on Crocker Avenue and walked back to the Exedra, their starting point.

The group enjoyed the company of former mayor Matzger, who shared information about homes

along the walk.

With the goal of eventually walking every street in Piedmont, the walkers may walk the Pala, Monte, Mesa streets this Wednesday, and take a longer walk to streets beyond Hampton Field the following Wednesday.

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