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Wildwood Gardens to Wistara Way

Our Piedmont Recreation Department Walking on Wednesdays walk this week had some special features. For one, Peggy S let me know that she was not going to be able to walk with us this week, but she had an always acceptable excuse. She had a last minute request to babysit her grandson, Joseph. However, it turned out our 10:30 walk start time fit nicely into a time for

Peggy and Joseph to visit the Exedra and the nearby tot lot. Joseph made a guest appearance, and Peggy introduced her handsome grandson to our fourteen walkers and four K9 best friends before the start of our walk. It was a shame Joseph couldn't walk with us. He would have reduced our average age significantly.

We had not defined a destination for the day's walk, but I had a special request. I had tweaked my back after last week's walk and it was still tender, so I asked if the day's walk could be one without significant elevations. The group was happy to give me a break, especially since I had one of his favorite walks in mind that would include a street that we had not previously walked. As you know, we have the informal objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont, so this was an added benefit to going easy on me.

I suggested a walk through Wildwood Gardens to Wistaria Way. This is a short loop of a street off of Wildwood Gardens with charming homes that gets very little traffic and few visitors. So off to Wistaria Way we went. After stopping for the attached group picture at the corner of Wildwood Gardens and Wistaria. We continued on to Woodland Way, Lafayette Ave., Crocker Ave., Farragut Ave., Seaview Ave., Mountain Ave., and back to Highland Avenue. At the corner of Mountain and Craig Avenue we stopped to view the original home of Hugh Craig, the first mayor Piedmont, and talked about its history.

We also talked about many of us traveling during the holidays and not able to be with the group for December walks. This is completely understandable and fits with our group's flexible structure. There is no obligation to participate in a walk. We want people to come when they can to get a little exercise and enjoy one another's company. During the holidays walkers will meet at the Exedra at the usual 10:30 time, and walk together when they can. In fact, my family and I are going to be traveling over the holidays and I will not able to make our December 26th and January 2nd walks. I look forward to seeing you on our January 9th walk.

So, this is probably going to be my last email to you in 2018. I want you know how much I have enjoyed our Walking on Wednesdays walks together and getting to know you this year. I didn't know what a wonderful community of new and old friends Walking on Wednesdays would turn out to be when we started in April. It has greatly exceeded my expectations and that is because of the friendships we have developed. Thank you for your participation in Walking on Wednesdays. It has been and is special!

Hope your holidays are great. Looking forward to seeing you again in January!


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