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Working on Walking Every Street

Our Walking on Wednesdays walking group continued to explore new Piedmont streets this Wednesday, working against our objective of eventually walking every street in Piedmont. We wanted to visit the northwest section of the city, and along the way, we had a nice surprise. Fourteen of us, and three of our best K9 friends, started out from the Exedra and walked up Highland, Wildwood, Caperton, Mountain, Seaview, Farragut Avenues. It started out as a normal Walking on Wednesdays walk, but after about 45 minutes we had a nice surprise.

At Stuart S' suggestion we walked down King Avenue. Stuart had long admired the impressive and unusual landscaping at 255 King and he wanted the group to see it. The front of the home is a veritable botanical garden of exotic vegetation. Fearlessly, Shari F and her K-9 friend Lucy lead us up to the house and its garden. There, by chance, we met Dan L, the home owner and creator of this very different garden. Dan was working in the garden, but he graciously took time to explain to us that he had created the garden's mounds by trading a supply of beer for a neighbor's top soil that was being excavated. From this simple beginning, Dan created his extensive garden. Attached are a picture of Dan identifying for the group the plants in his garden.

After finishing our visit with Dan, we continued on to LaSalle, Muir, and Lafayette Avenues, before returning to the Exedra via Crocker, Wildwood, and Highland Avenues. It was a lovely morning for a walk that like all our Walking on Wednesdays walks has fun things to see, and often surprises.


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