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Working on Walking Every Street

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Walking on Wednesdays group continued to explore new Piedmont streets last Wednesday as part of their goal of walking every street in the city.

Fourteen walkers and three K9 friends started out from its Exedra home base and walked up

Highland, Wildwood, Caperton, Mountain, Sea View and Farragut Avenues. It started out as a

regular Walking on Wednesdays outing, but after about 45 minutes the walkers had a nice surprise.

At the suggestion of Stuart Schneck, they walked down King Avenue to see the unique landscaping at 255 King Avenue, something Schneck had long admired.

The front of the home is a veritable botanical garden of exotic vegetation. Fearlessly, Shari Fu-

ji and her K-9 friend, Lucy, led the group up to the house and its garden. And there by chance the

group met Dan Levin, the homeowner and creator of this very distinctive garden.

He happened to be working in his garden and happily took time to describe how he created

the garden's mounds by trading a supply of beer for a neighbor's topsoil that was being excavated.

From this simple beginning, he created his extensive garden. After visiting with Levin, the walkers continued on to LaSalle, Muir and Lafayette Avenues, before returning to the Exedra via Crocker,

Wildwood and Highland Avenues.

It was a lovely morning for a walk that had had interesting places to see and a few surprises along the way.

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