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[Covid Safe] Zoom call

It has been almost a year since the Piedmont Recreation Department’s Walking on Wednesdays group has been able to walk together. The pandemic put their walks on hold last March, and many members of the group miss seeing one another. At the good suggestion of Priscilla Wanerus, and with the good tech support of John Wilk at the Recreation Department, sixteen members of the group had a Zoom call on February 17th.

Calendar conflicts kept many walkers from participating in the call, but it was a happy conversation and time that the walkers, now talkers, had together.

The 45 minute call gave the group an enjoyable opportunity to see one another again, but it was also a chance to catch up and share what everyone has been up to over the last year. Noemi Alvarado got the call off to a running start as she was on her treadmill when the conversation began. She told the group that she is expecting her first grandchild. Dick Carter announced that his daughter had gotten engaged last fall. Jeri Lockhart shared that she was in the process of moving to Seattle. The walkers were sorry to be losing Jeri, and also Nancy and Cliff Pender who have moved to Lafayette, but pleased that the moves were to lovely cities.

The conversation also covered the progress people had made on getting vaccinated for the virus. The good news was that most of the group had been able to get their first shots. The horrible weather in Texas and the rest of the country was a topic and everyone was happy to be in California right now.

Members of the group also shared how they have been keeping active during the pandemic. They have been keeping up with their walking and occasionally seeing one another when they are out on the streets of Piedmont. Alan Goldhammer said he has taken up bird watching at Lake Temescal East Bay Regional Park. He noted that the water is not very clean, but the birds don’t seem to mind. Waterfowl and foul water seem compatible. Priscilla Wanerus has been going to the Montclair Driving Range and the UC Botanical Gardens. Sherry Jacobs has found biking around Lake Merritt enjoyable. Claudia Lopez recommended kayaking on Lake Chabot. Others have been having driveway get get-togethers with friends and also enjoying restaurant takeout.

The group has been staying active, but misses their weekly Wednesday walks together. They look forward to being able to resume coming together for their very sociable Wednesday walks. The hope is that they will be able to do so again safely in the not too distant future.

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