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Dracena Park

A forecast of 90 degrees made the beautiful, cool red- wood grove of Dracena Park an appealing destination for the Wednesday Walkers last week. In spite of the heat, 23 walkers and one K-9 showed up, including three first-time walkers, Elizabeth, and Stephanie and Ross.

Walking down Magnolia allowed the group to see the walls of the high school's new classroom building going up Continuing down Magnolia, they admired the newly repaved street.

They entered at the top of Dracena Park, and walked through the park to the lower part on Artuna and Ricardo Avenue. The park is more beautiful than ever and the Public Works Department should be commended.

A large lawn welcomes visitors to the Upper Dracena area on Dracena Avenue. There are still many large eucalyptus, but the area is clean and new red- woods have been planted. On the way through the park they passed the beautiful wooden bridge the Becker family helped build in 2014 on the site of an original bridge crossing a ravine in the park.

Continuing down the trail through the park's redwood and eucalyptus grove provided relief from the heat. At the bottom of the park sits the Dracena Quarry area, between Artuna and El Cerrito Avenues. Preschoolers were playing in the tot lot near a climbing wall. Charlene Lou- ie told the group how Piedmont youth helped raise funds to build it.


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