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Dracena Park Walking on Wednesdays Walk

Patty White was there with her husband, Dan, to celebrate her birthday and facilitate the walk.

A number of walkers brought in their dogs along to also enjoy the walk and celebrate Patty’s birthday.

As always, the walk started at the Exedra and then passed the Piedmont Police Department. The Piedmont Historical Society had provided some walking notes, and Patty White talked about how the jail cell was built by the prisoners who were serving time there. An old jail cell from a sailing vessel was implanted to make the cell in the jail.

The walk continued to Dracena Quarry Park and started at the dog park. Patty White talked about a little bit of history of the building of the dog park. The walk continued on to the Storyteller Bridge where Mrs. White explained how Boy Scout Cole Becker helped build this bridge for his Eagle Scout project in 2014. Originally, Dracena Park had a bridge in the 1920s but the bridge was taken down in the 1960s. It was not until 1990 that the Piedmont City Council decided to rebuild the bridge, but there was a delay in the building process, and it took Cole Becker’s Eagle project to get the bridge completed.

· As the walk proceeded down to the quarry portion of the park, Patty White talked about how the quarry originally was a lake and kids used to come and swim it. Sadly, some children drown when swimming on the lake, so it was drained and its rocks were used to build streets in Oakland. It was also noted that Dracena Park is now home to the Cub Scout Day Camp and the Egg Drop during the summer.

It was suggested by walker Priscilla Wanerus that one of the next walks be to the Davies Tennis Stadium, which also has a rich history. Everyone is invited to participate on Wednesdays at 10:30 at the Exedra.


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